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Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: October 26, 2014
In Barack Obama’s More Perfect Union speech he used many methods to support his claim of in order to perfect the union, the people must become a unit. Obama used many personal anecdotes that gave the audience an appeal of etho’s and patho’s. When he talked about his family background he showed that he was a credible witness to many races working together as one.

In John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights Address he also used many methods to support his claim of Fulfilling the nation’s promise of freedom for all races and protecting the rights of all races. Kennedy used a lot of statistics and logic to appeal to logo’s. In paragraph 4, he shows the chance of success for a Negro child with statistics saying in the end that they have a much less chance of becoming successful than a white child born on the same day, all because of their skin color.

Kennedy was more effective at calling people to action because he directly asks Congress for a change. Kennedy went for the more direct approach, he asked rhetorical questions that really persuaded people over to his side. Kennedy states exactly what he wants to change, how he wants it to change, and why he wants it to change. Kennedy not only asks Congress for a change. He asks the citizens in the last few paragraphs. “This what we’re talking about and this is a matter… and in meeting it I ask the support of all our citizens.”

Obama’s speech was more effective in discussing race relations. He focused mainly on the black and white community, yet he didn’t forget to include other races as well. He gives reasoning as to why we have been stuck in a “racial stalemate” for years. He shows how resentment builds in the white community, and how anger builds in the black community. He specifically states and explains the problems with the different racial communities in order to discuss race relations and move on to show what he wants to do about it.

Both texts cover the overall idea of people becoming one and not seeing...
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