More Pe Periods in School

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Cancer Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 20, 2013
In a world where technology is available everywhere for everyone, especially the internet, our lives have changed significantly. A lot of activities such as shopping, playing, and meeting friends have totally changed. That increased the importance of physical activity. Most schools have at least 3 PE periods a week. However, in Abu Dhabi Secondary School it’s only two PE classes a week. Many students wish to have more PE periods, however they must study other subjects. One reason for having more PE periods is related to health considerations. Studies show that the UAE has one of the highest obesity rates among students around the world. Lack of physical activity is the main reason for obesity. Doctors say overweight and obese people have higher chances of being prone to many diseases such as; asthma, cancer, diabetes and many others. Those diseases are very dangerous for students. If students had more PE periods a week or longer working out times they would probably keep themselves away from such diseases. However, a lot of people oppose this argument by saying health can be controlled with healthy eating. Another reason for having more PE periods is related to studying considerations. An experiment conducted on 300 students showed that students have more concentration in classes when practicing enough physical activity. As the focus of the student increases he is more capable of understanding the information that he receives during classes. On top of that, it’s well known that having more PE periods and breaks releases stress from students. However, people argue that there is no time for having more PE classes and breaks because there are a lot of subjects that are needed to be studied and there is no enough time during school hours for more PE periods or breaks. We can see there are reasons for and against having more PE periods in Abu Dhabi Secondary School. Health can be improved and sustained, stress can be released and concentration and focus can be...
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