More's Utopia

Topics: Equals sign, Utopia, Religion, Equality, Civil liberties, Inequality / Pages: 6 (1486 words) / Published: Nov 21st, 2013
More’s Bad Place

"They say, though, and one can actually see for oneself, that Utopia was originally not an island but a peninsula. However, it was conquered by somebody called Utopos, who gave it its present name- it use to be called Sansculottia- and was also responsible for transforming a pack of ignorant savages into what is now, perhaps the most civilized nation in the world" (More 50). This excerpt is from the book Utopia written by Thomas More. The author explains how he heard this from a man, named Raphael, who tells of a great nation where people do not have to work as many hours as the people in Europe, but they still get more work done. Everyone shares everything, no one has property rights, all citizens share the workload evenly, each city holds 6,000 people, each city looks the same, and everyone dresses the same.
Whenever a city has a surplus they share with all other cities. Utopians love to learn. They thirst for knowledge. They do not execute criminals but they instead sentence them to slavery. Bribery does not occur because no one owns anything. They keep an army for defense and to help injustice. All religions are tolerated, though atheism is immoral. Yet despite all these so called perfect things, I do not view this as a good place. Every citizens liberties are taken away, women aren’t treated as equals, and they view people in a worse light if they are atheists. The country of utopia was founded on tyranny. While the definition of eutopia is roughly a good place, my definition of eutopia is a perfect place, where everyone is free to do as they want. No one infringes anyone’s freedoms; not from fear of punishment, but because they choose to. A place where everyone tries to improve themselves and the community. No person has fear from their fellow man. In More’s utopia this is not the case.
You can never not be working or else you are considered an outcast in society. No matter if you are at work or in your free time. If at work

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