Mordern Myths in Society

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Islam Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: December 3, 2009
Barbara Demings
University of Phoenix

HUM/105 World Mythology
Sarah Farenick
March 11, 2009

Modern myths in some shape or form have affected society’s way of thinking and living. Modern myths also influence the teachings of man.
In today’s modern myths the teaching of religion is the greatest myth to mankind. Mankind belief formed from emotions and a belief system of worshiping some type of god or gods.
In Judaism they believe in the life you live on earth will be your final act before judgment day. The deeds you do determine whether whether you go to heaven or hell. Judaism believes that the messiah still have not come, while Christians in modern religion believe Jesus was the messiah who died and resurrected. It is also believed Jesus was crucified by the Romans on a cross used to punish the accussed.until death. Jews who believed in Judaism, believed Jesus was a great prophet among the Jewish culture, Christians believe Jesus is the messiah. Judaism does not believe in the after life nor do They believe Jesus resurrected from the dead. Judaism believes in Shoel meaning nothing. Judaism still plays an important role in christianity in today’s modern myths. It has shaped and formed my way of thinking in my christain walk with God.

Constantine also had an effect on how I think about christain way of thinking, I realized so many religions can affect the way you believe and evaluate how you perceive your belief. Constantine the great gave definition to Christians who followed Christ, meaning Christ followers. It was a negative remark he at that time.

Constantine was the ruler of Roman Empire in 304, and was credited with social and economic reform which influenced medieval societies. In 313 legally ended pagan persecution of christains. It was not until 325 he used imperial power to bring unity to the church, it was not until this time Constantine had a change of heart. Constantine embrace of...
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