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1. Please provide us with a summary of your personal and family background, information about your parents and siblings, where you grew up, and perhaps a special memory of your youth. (1000 words)

A friend of mine once said to me: "People who move to a new country during their adolescent years either become passive and indifferent towith the new environment and remain foreign for the rest of their lives, or they come to possess a special drive for reaching the top." AlthoughSometimes I wonder how much truth there is in thisher statement, but I know that moving to the United States at 17 was the biggest turning point of my life. Jean -- This is a great quote. However, it makes the reader want to know which type of person you are: the indifferent type, or the type who has come to possess a special drive. You know that you are the latter, but you have to make that clear to the reader. You could say something like, “Although I wonder how much truth there is in her statement, I know that moving to the United States at 17 contributed in large part to my current drive to succeed (or current ambition, or desire to be the best, or something to that effect)”. This ties the sentence in a much clearer way to your introductory sentence.

I grew up in Beijing, - the capital of China. Even though I had no siblings and my father was pursuing a research career at at Yale University pursuing his research career during most of my childhood, I was surrounded by cousins and other relatives. Life was filled with grew up in a big family with six cousins and life was full of fun family activities. My mother— was famous for her quick wit— and was the leader ofin any group with which she was involved. Never satisfied being the second best, she was constantly thinking of different ways to do things, to improvise, and to improve. To her, nothing was impossible. Growing up under her influence, I endeavored thrive to be the best among my peers, which, for , which for a youth in China, meanss only one thing—having - have an excellent academic record. I went to the best schools in the country, achieved high grades, and was the class president of my class for 6 years.

Then my whole world turned upside -down. My parents decided that we would move to America. You may want to mention, very briefly, why your parents decided to make the move. That question pops up in the reader’s mind. Initially, I was excited about the idea.

What specifically about going to America made you excited?
Once I got here, however, I found myself in a completely unfamiliar environment radically different environment that was utterly unfamiliar to me. Having been on my old school's debate team, I now constantly struggled to find words to express simple ideas; having been surrounded by friends, I was now was an outsider to my classmates. At the age of 17, I realized that I had to start everything all over again.

But I was determined to regain control. I read newspapers and magazines to better grasp the culture; I used my strong academic background to help classmates who were having trouble in science and in science subjects and made new friends. Were there any other subjects you helped classmates with? Math, for example? If so, you might want to add those….

With a dictionary in hand, I read "The Great Gatsby", "The Ccatcher in the Rrye", and "Oof Mmice and Mmen" during mythe first 6 months in the Statesin the States. During my second semester ofin American high school, my efforts were rewarded: -- I was grantediven special permission to bypass ESL (English as a Second Language) and take "English Literature I,", an honor given to only a few fForeign students who had been in the country for less than a year.

It was also during this period that I first experienced being poor. Materially pampered in China, I had never truly appreciated the importance of financial independence. But now, althougheven though my parents worked really hard,...
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