Morality Check: Pre-Marital Sex

Topics: Marriage, Fornication, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 25, 2007
Morality Check: Premarital Sex

Premarital sex, also known as fornication, refers to any sexual activity between consenting unmarried partners.
Sexual intercourse of two individuals often instigate a different level of excitement for discussion on most of us. Much excitement when the persons involved were unmarried partners. Society had long been arguing about the morality, legitimacy and public acceptance of the issue on pre-marital sex. It is considered a sensitive subject of discussion especially in the Philippines; considering the fact that Filipinos were brought up on a highly-conservative Christian environment. However, it has already been a common knowledge that many of us have already been exercising this type of practice. Celebrities and even common people around us have actually been engaged on such matter, but people talk about with sense of less comfortability and consider it as one of the most greatest sin man could ever commit. Why? Because most of us believed that being that person who have experienced premarital sex would draw most of the attention of the public and would bear looks that can actually stab you if they were knives. It is an immoral act as far as the church is concerned and as far as our culture dictates us.

In contrast, I personally believe that premarital sex should now be considered as a natural and practical expression of one's affection towards another. I mean, there's nothing wrong with expressing your deepest desires in means of having sexual interaction with the another person you are not married with. As long as that person is the one you've been with for a considerable period of time and you feel that it would strengthen your relationship with him furthermore, isn't that to be considered right rather than a wrong action? As we see today, a great number of people were doing that and it would be hypocrite for us to talk about the morality of such actions when in fact, people have already into it and others were just...
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