Morality and Politics in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia

Topics: Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: August 11, 2002
Alex Belinger
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World History

On November 1923, German army veteran and leader of an extremist party, Adolf Hitler climbed onto a table and fired his pistol. "The National Socialist revolution has begun!" Hitler's rise to power is one of the most significant events of our century. People today still debate how and why Hitler's totalitarian dictatorship in the 1930's was such a big success with support of many Germans. At the time of Hitler's rise, Germans were in a rough time of sorrow and unemployment. In order to stabilize the economy many workers were needed to reconstruct highways, houses and forests. Demand for Military hardware stimulated business and helped eliminate unemployment. Propaganda was used to encourage young men to join programs like "Strength Through Joy" , which offered vigorous outdoor vacations that also make them physically fit for military service. The Nazi's indoctrinated young people with their racist ideology. Women weren't allowed to be work in upper-level jobs and turned away from universities. Hitler's goal to keep women in the home applied mainly to the privileged. Women were needed for work when the industry expanded. In his fanatical anti-Semitism, Hitler set out to drive Jews from Germany. Germans were not allowed by law to interact with Jews in any way. Mobs went around Jewish towns at night attacking harmless people. With the help of two strong imperialistic countries, Hitler sought out to take over the world. Germans planned attacks on Russia, they pushed troops through the vast tundra of Russia, weakening the Germans. Russia used this to advantage and forced a counterattack and were advancing into Eastern Europe. Nazis masace more than six million Jews in what became known as the Holocaust.

B. Lenin's sudden death in 1924 set off a power struggle among Communist leaders. The 90chief contenders were Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Stalin, by contrast, was neither a scholar nor an orator. He...
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