Morality and Healthy Habits

Topics: Morality, Religion, Human Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Many moral codes place a special emphasis on bodily purity, and manipulations that directly target bodily purity have been shown to influence a variety of moral judgments. Across two studies, we demonstrated that reminders of physical purity influence specific moral judgments regarding behaviors in the sexual domain as well as broad political attitudes. In Study 1, individuals in a public setting who were given a reminder of physical cleansing reported being more politically conservative than did individuals who were not given such a reminder. In Study 2, individuals reminded of physical cleansing in the laboratory demonstrated harsher moral judgments toward violations of sexual purity and were more likely to report being politically conservative than control participants. Together, these experiments provide further evidence of a deep link between physical purity and moral judgment, and they offer preliminary evidence that manipulations of physical purity can influence general (and putatively stable) political attitudes.

Personal Cleanliness and Healthy Habits

Personal cleanliness and other healthy habits play a vital role in giving shape and direction to one’s life. They are a factor in distinguishing a healthy, pro-active determined person from a sluggish and diseased person. For a balanced and successful life, a person needs to adopt healthy habits. Personal cleanliness is one of the most important healthy habits that an individual needs to follow if he or she wants to make their life full of happiness, strength and pleasure. Healthy habits are a definite mantra to a successful and tension free life. These healthy habits take time and conscious effort to develop but once they are developed, they become the part and parcel of one’s life. We are always ready to go to the doctor after getting ill but we have never thought to become our own doctors and lead a healthy life by taking preventive measures in advance. Following healthy habits gives you a...
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