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The mythical creation story of our very own existence is characterized differently by cultures, but they all articulate the same meaning and that is God as creator and we as his people. They are two story lines according to the beliefs of creation of the Jewish people and the Babylonians. The different creation belief is seen in the books of Genesis, in the Old Testament and the creational myth of the Babylonians: Enuma Elish. In Genesis the meaning of our creation is written in a sense of myth and symbolism where God is the creator to all things. A mythical creation intended to the Jewish people is seen in the beginning chapter of the Old Testament in the Bible. However, in Enuma Elish, a myth creation is intended to the Babylonians that has a similar sense to the creation story seen in Genesis. Both of these stories have similarities and difference in the concept of God, creation, meaning and understanding of our God whom created this world we now live in.

The concept of God in Genesis expresses that humans are God’s representatives here on earth, and after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and bad humans became part of the divine and on the same level with God, signifying that humans will now know from what is good and from what is bad. However, in Enuma Elish one of the Gods named Marduk who became the leader of all Gods defeated the Goddess Tiamate, who is Chaos, and condemned all humans to be servants of the gods forever. Another distinct characteristic in the idea of God between these two story line is that in Genesis their is only one creator whereas in Enuma Elish there are multiple Gods; first there is Aspu and Tiamate, who is Chaos, and later Tiamate gives birth to seven other Gods. Nonetheless, in both of these creational stories they both come to imply that a God is creator.

The concept of creation in the creation myth stories implies symbolism in the book of Genesis, as well as in Enuma Elish. In Genesis, human creation was...
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