Topics: Meaning of life, Good and evil, Personal life Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Human Life is Sacred -A Catholic Perspective

Every human life is sacred and is entitled to a pneuma, or spiritual, way of life dedicated to God and others. The things we do with what we have are what make us who we are. Sometimes we struggle for the things we have, but we strive for the greater good and hope not only for better towards ourselves but mainly those around us. In order to better ourselves we must educate ourselves. Through education we not only make a living but also make a life, which is best used to serve others. We appreciate the things we struggle for far more than those things we freely acquire. For Dustin Carter, this was his way of living, after experiencing a life-changing incident that would claim his four limbs. Dustin says, “That’s me. I’m a pretty determined person. I’ll sit at something and sit at it for hours until I get it.” This high school student shows how self-discipline, hard work, and dedication can indeed take someone far, farther than their wildest dreams. Pope Paul VI told us, “While it’s easy to be a Catholic, its actually harder to be a good Catholic; and when it’s harder to be a good Catholic, it’s actually easier to be one.” Through hardship and struggle, we achieve a greater sense of Catholicism and Spirituality; although, that doesn’t apply just for our faith. Dustin applies it to his entire being: in his mental strength, in his spirituality, and also in his personality. He could have easily given up and become just another depressed person in the world, but he took it as an opportunity to show he could succeed, even when others said he couldn’t. Dustin obviously disagrees with those who said he couldn’t come back from losing, because he’s a wise man, and wise men disagree.

His attitude towards life is what made him the inspirational individual whom he is today. Every life is sacred and we must all try to embrace and abide by our sommum bonum. The Latin phrase sommum bonum means “the highest good”. The “highest...
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