Moral Reflection About Moses

Topics: Worship, Idolatry, Christian worship Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: May 7, 2013
In Romans 1: 18- 32, it is telling us that what we are worshipping is wrong. It is telling us that God, our creator, who gave us everything is the one who should be worshipped and adored, but that because we ignored him and disobeyed him he gave us up to shameless lusts, to a depraved man, to do what ought not to be done. This passage also tells us that it’s not wrong to have these other idols; it becomes wrong when we begin to love these things and turn to them to satisfy and fulfill ourselves, and when we love these things more than we love God.  Like it says in the bible “While Moses was away, the children of Israel created a golden calf which they quickly began to worship as a god” we are creating golden calves which we are now replacing instead of God. I think that in today’s world the influences and idols we follow are not the ones we should be following. For example, money, pleasure, other people, power and many other Idols who should not be idolatrized but instead God should. In today’s world we focus too mucho n worshiping other people who are good at sports or music or race car driving. But what  we have to realize is that they have done nothing for us, only god has. He created us; he gave us his only son so that he could take away our sins. I think that some of my idols are money, success, my friends and my family. I think that sometimes I spend time with my friends and family and I have to sacrifice time for God. I don’t really worship my friends but by spending time with them I am not spending time with God. I think that sometimes I focus too much on having success in school instead of praying or going to youth group or just spending time talking with God.  Our idols don’t have to be very big, just small little things which we do daily. Things that impede us from being with God they take away our time from God.  It is because our society tells us that these things are right today. Even though the bible tells us that idolatry is wrong and that we...
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