Moral Reasoning

Topics: Morality, Developmental psychology, Moral psychology Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Shawna Keehn
AED 202
Moral reasoning

Select one of the age groups chosen in week 6. Decide on the child’s age, what Level and stage he or she is at developmentally, and list some chacteristics Demonstrating the nature of the stage.

I have chosen a child that is in the early adolescence stage that is the age of Fourteen. In my opinion a child who is fourteen should be at a level two, Conventional morality. Upon reviewing the reading of the stages a child who is Fourteen should actually be at a level three. While reviewing the reading, a child Who is fourteen understands that they have the capability of being aware of many Differences that are considered right and wrong. At this age he or she should know The rules and be able to comprehend them and understand why there are rules to Follow and how they are just to protect you. With that they should know that if They break those rules they may have some consequences for their wrong doings. Based upon needs from others that are around them is a stage three. A child who is Fourteen may make decisions based upon other children’s feelings. They may not Want to hurt them in any case of losing friends. Some of the chacteristics with this Age is weak, curious, sensitive, and smart. There are many more but these were Just to start off with. All children at this age are different due to the way they are Raised or for whatever reason. They all develop differently and age mentally and Physically.
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