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The ways of avoiding computer-related health problems
Avoid computer related health problems

Excessive use of computers can lead to a lot of health problems like stress, insomnia, poor eyesight, fatigue, weakness, clumsiness, tremors, stiffness and pains. If you have to work with computers, or like to do it, it is advisable to do something to improve health. One way to do this is to practice Qigong. A good Qigong method should help you body and your mind improve and take away these kinds of troubles. Another important way to stay healthy is to try to avoid getting damaged in the first place. One very important thing in this respect is to have a good body posture whilst working with the computer. The basic posture should be sitting upright with the arms relaxed. The ears, shoulders and hips should be on a strait line. The feet should be on the floor (alternatively a footrest) and the middle point of the monitor below the height of the eyes. Apart from this it is good to avoid staring at the monitor and remember to take breaks. In our courses in Xiao Gongfa we teach much more about this kind of situations. We give a lot of tips including ways of thinking / philosophy, simple exercises that are easy to do whilst working as well as suitable foods.

Avoiding computer-related health problemsnews
Health risk: Computer vision syndrome. The most common symptoms are: eye fatigue, dry eyes, burning eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, headaches.

* Position your monitor so there is no glare in your eyes - either direct, or reflected in the computer screen * Adjust the screen brightness, contrast and colour to comfortable levels * Rest your eyes every 30 minutes

* Refocus your eyes occasionally by looking at a distant object * The distance from your eyes to the monitor should be 18 to 30 inches * The top of the screen should be slightly below eye level * Use...
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