Moral dilemmas

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March 22, 2014
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Moral Dilemma's
In any situation, a dilemma never has a positive conclusion because, unlike most problems, the twist to a dilemma is that there is no real happy ending, only a decision between bad and worse. It isn't black and white, but more like a thousand different shades of grey and we can only pick one and hope it turns out okay. There are different types of dilemmas such as; physical and moral. The difference between the two is that a moral dilemma is going to have more of an effect on one's soul while a physical dilemma deals with one's health or body condition. Many stories or productions include an abundance of soul tearing dilemmas, such as " Of Mice and Men" and " Batman; The Dark Knight Rises." In "Of Mice and Men," two men, George and Lennie travel place to place searching for work during The a Great Depression. The two have been together almost their entire lives, they were family. Due to Lennie's intellectual disability, George is constantly having to take care of him and clean up his messes. After an incident with a woman her dress at their last job, they have to relocate and find work elsewhere. After being at that job for awhile, the inevitable rises once more; Lennie makes a mess of things. This time, however, the problem wasn't just a scared woman but a corpse of one lying on the barn floor. It was an accident of course, but nevertheless Lennie had killed her. He remembered what George had told him to do if he ever got in trouble again; run to the meadow, so that's what he did. Once he reached the meadow, he startes hallucinating. The visions show him how difficult he makes George's life and makes Lennie realize how much he slows George down. Lennie then becomes torn between running away, no longer to be George's burden or stay and remain with his only family. He sits in the meadow, debating the two options when George appears in the meadow and Lennie's decision is cut off. As I previously...
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