Moral Development

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Moral Development

The adhering to rules set out by a parent, carer or society.

0-3 Months
At this age it is difficult to ascertain whether there is any definite moral development of a baby.

3-6 Months
At this stage a baby may start to develop it’s first moral feelings towards pleasure and displeasure and will start to coo and laugh.

6-9 Months
Towards the end of this age range a baby will start to understand the word No and its meaning.

9-12 Months
Positive and negatives will now start to take on meaning to a baby as long as their parents/carers approach is consistent.

1-2 Years
Consistent guidance and simple instructions will help children follow simple rules such as “Don’t touch” and “Don’t do that”.

2-4 Years
Children will now start to become more thoughtful towards others and will begin to know the difference between right and wrong. It is during this time that consistent morals need to be instilled into children as this is when they will really start to develop morally and socially.

4-7 Years
Children will need supervision when playing team games at this age as they will have different interpretations about what is fair and unfair. They will be very concerned about rules and will inform others when they have been broken. They will often break rules but will start to feel guilt and will generally confess when they have.

7-12 Years
By now children will be aware that their actions have as affect on their environment and they will understand the need for rules. They will try and find ways around rules but will often fail falling into the trap they wee trying to avoid in the first place.

12-16 Years
The black and white moralities of right and wrong will now be well known by the young person. They will understand that the way they interact with others will have an affect on them emotional the same way physical abuse will have.

16-19 Years
Young people will now be making decisions, experimenting with cigarettes, alcohol...
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