moral decisions

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Law Pages: 3 (1372 words) Published: October 20, 2013

Moral Decisions
It is so easy to set back and judge others for their decisions but if the one judging puts their self in the other person’s situation it is not so easy to say what they would really do. In the two plays Antigone and Trifles, there are two characters, Antigone and Mrs. Peters, which are prominent due to their decision-making process. In these two plays, both Antigone and Mrs. Peters make very important decisions based on what is right or wrong. Their decisions are life-changing, not just for themselves, but for the others who are involved. Equally they show that just because there are rules or laws don’t mean that is what is moral or ethical in some situations. Both plays are different but they have similarities based on morality. In the play Trifles, Mrs. Peters struggles with the decision to release information about a murder case because she feels empathy towards the suspect, Mrs. Wright. So which is worse, turning a woman in who may be guilty for murder but not for reason because it is the law, or holding back information to save her from being punished for acting out due to mistreatment? In the play Antigone, Antigone struggles with her decision to bury her brother, even though it is against the law and will cost her life. So who could say one decision is worse than the other, honoring her brother and the gods or breaking the law. Even though Mrs. Peters and Antigone are not abiding by society’s guidelines or what the laws say is right, their actions are based on what is morally right. So the question is, what is morality? Some situations make it hard for some people to decipher what is right when there are laws involved, like in these two plays. Laws are boundaries to help guide people to make the right decisions but in cases like these, most people will agree that it is ok to break them. Antigone’s decisions were influenced from Creon’s refusal of her brother, Polyneices’ burial. Despite the fact that Creon was using this refusal as...
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