moral compass

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In my past 18 years, I have been living in an environment that people telling me what should I do and what should I not to do. My mum taught me to be a good role model for my younger sister, my dad told me to study hard so I can have a good future. By going to school, teachers teach me that what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ from the textbook and I have also been learning that from the TV, newspaper and radio. The mass media is always a channel for me to receive what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ about the social. For example, there are critics about the politics, environmental issues etc.From time to time, my moral compass had been shaped by my parents and the social norms. 

Human beings always place their own interest on the top priority while thinking of what they should do. My moral compass go wrong without recognising that it had done so because I wanted to satisfy my own wish and do something that others taught me was ‘wrong’ before. I remember I was at the age of seven, I went to a stationary shop with my parents and I discovered a beautiful ruler. I begged my parents to buy it for me but they said it was too expensive and I had already got a lot of rulers at home so they refused to buy. At that moment, my moral compass told me not to steal the ruler because it is illegal to do so. However, I really liked the ruler so I put it inside my pocket secretly when no one is looking at me. It was the first and the last time I steal from a shop. After I went back home, I found out that the ruler was not as beautiful as the time I first glanced on it. I just steal it because of a moment f wanting to own it. I am still keeping the ruler until now in my drawer because I wanted to remind myself that I should not do something wrong because of greed.

I want to be perfect at all times. I think I am a typical Virgo because Virgo is always seeking for the perfection. Therefore, I would like to try my best not to do anything disappoint the others which bring a big pressure to me....
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