Moral Compass

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Nursing Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: August 10, 2014
Running Head: My Moral Compass

My Moral Compass
Maryann Onwenu
Grand Canyon University
NRV-437V (NRV-437V-O103) Ethical Decision Making in Health Care July 20, 2014

Professionally, moral compass is what serves as an intrinsic factor living in me every day. It codes or molds my passion, directions, values, virtues and inspirations that I strive for daily. Pity, fidelity, honesty, honor, faithfulness, dedication, willpower or self- containment, accountability and sense of humor all amounts to the monumental and philosophical nature of nursing. Always ensuring to provide the best and same quality of care to all my patients, and their families is my paramount drive in the practice of nursing. According to American Nurses’ Association (ANA) code of ethics for Nurses, is intended to provide definite standards of practice and conduct that are essential to the ethical discharge of the nurse’s responsibility (American Nurses’ Association 2012). As a nurse, my refinement of personal ethics is derived from cultural, spiritual values and personal moral compass. With the nurses’ code of ethics and my personal ethics help me in making effective, personal and social decisions during any ethical dilemma. This paper will discuss the writer’s professional compass with regards to cultural and spiritual and personal values. Values Contributing to Individual’s Worldview and Philosophy of Nursing Worldview or nursing philosophy is individually based; no one’s experience is the same. My life experiences has helped in shaping my personal outlook, thinking in life, and nursing as a whole. Being from a rich Nigerian culture and an ardent Roman Catholic family has led me to become deeply rooted in a strong family principle. My Catholic upbringing has instilled a sense of good will, charisma, loyalty, and truthfulness, while my rich Nigerian culture has taught or bind me to love and respect individuals, treat all as equals and show deep sign of empathy when one...

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