Moral and Ethical Responsibilities of Companies

Topics: Erin Brockovich, Hexavalent chromium, Hinkley, California Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Kimberly Grande
Biology H
Moral and Ethical responsibilities of Companies
A corporation involved in the welfare of humans and environmental protection should care about their customers and the world. Corporations such as PSE&G and BP have a duty to protect the world and its inhabitants. In the movie Erin Brokovitch (at the time) PG & E committed a major fraud which in turn affected hundreds of people in the area. This movie was based on a true story, telling the story of the real Erin Brockovitch who fought for the people even without a formal law degree. First a corporation should always check for the well-being of the citizens and of the animals. Second, they should make sure the area is safe and what they are doing won’t harm the environment. Third, is this right of the Corporation to perform whatever they are doing? Corporations need to think about the moral right or wrong questions and the ethical questions which are more proper behavior. A corporation should always make sure humans and animals will not be affected by what they are doing. They may have all the money in the world but they still have the obligation to protect humans and animals. In the movie, PG&E manipulated the people into believing that chromium was good for them and didn’t affect them in any way, but in reality it caused many health problems such as cancers, miscarriages, birth defects, and death. These cancers not only killed some kids and adults but it was passed on to their children and animals were affected too. In the case of People v. PG&E, PG&E was forced to pay $330 million dollars in compensation to the families and to the most affected family (the Jenison’s) were given a hefty $5 million for all the family’s needs. These corporations should consider the location of their investments wisely. For example, PG&E used a location which contained many people living in the area. The water, the people, the environment, and animals were affected...
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