Moore's Rhetorical Appeal

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Nuclear fission, Nuclear warfare, Plutonium / Pages: 1 (127 words) / Published: Oct 24th, 2016
Moore’s writing successfully implements rhetorical appeal on many levels. It provides logos, or informational appeal by citing specific example to support each argument. He clearly provided evidence to provide and lend credibility to his arguments. Persuaded by his perspective, I found myself believing his statements that nuclear energy might not be such a bad thing because his arguments were incredibly effective. Pathos is achieved when the writer appeals to the emotions within the reader by painting a vivid picture discussing the dangers of nuclear reactors and the fear created by a hypothetical meltdown. Furthermore, the author gains credibility by stating how drastically his views have changed through the years. He also lends trustworthiness

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