Moonrise Kingdom

Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Sam & Suzy Connection
In Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s right of passage screenplay, Moonrise Kingdom, the connection of Sam & Suzy advances. The protagonist Sam Shukusky, is an orphan and seems to be misunderstood and he seeks a family throughout the play. There are three ways Sam and Suzy connect with each other, both are misunderstood, they feel unloved, and love one another. This essay will show how Sam and Suzy connect with each other. The first connection between Sam and Suzy is that they are misunderstood. Sam’s scouts and foster family do not understand him. The scouts and foster family think he is crazy and emotionally disturbed. When Mr.Billingsley and Captain Sharp are on the phone Mr.Billingsley says “He’s a good boy, he’s got a good heart but it’s not fair to the others you see? He’s emotionally disturbed. The Billingsley do not really understand Sam and neither do the scouts. When the scouts found Sam and Suzy the first time Deluca stats to Suzy “you shouldn’t be friends with him...because he’s crazy.” Seems like everyone has their own opinion about Sam. Redford even says “He’s emotionally disturbed because his family died.” Nobody really knows Sam’s problems but Sam, same for Suzy. Suzy is the only person who knows how she feels about her own life. Suzy’s family do not understand her. “She eats a bowl of tomato soup alone in the pantry.” Suzy likes to be alone and reading her books about lives she will like to have. Suzy found a pamphlet on top of the refrigerator named “Coping with a Troubled Child” and Suzy feels as if her parents think she has problems. That is why Suzy is depressed. The second connection is that Sam and Suzy feel unloved from their families. Sam’s foster family doesn’t really care for him. When Sam was writing each other Suzy “Five of Sam’s foster brothers watch calmly as the sixth throws Sam against the wall then jumps on top of him, pinning his arms to the floor while Sam struggles crazily.” His foster family is not...
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