Moonlit Night

Topics: Sun, Moon, Moonlight Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: August 9, 2012
A moonlit night is one of the beautiful phenomena of nature. It occurs when the moon rises in the sky. The moon may be crescent or full, but it is beautiful in either form. We count six seasons in a year. In each season we see the moon for two fortnights with a break in between. But the moon in Autumn appears in its best. A moonlit night is a pleasant and enjoyable night to us. Specially, when it is a full moon lit night. The autumnal moon beams its mellow light. The moon is gloss like a piece of glass. it looks beautiful in the blue autumnal sky. The sky in Autumn is clear. Here and there a few patches of white clouds float swiftly. The moon plays hide-and-seek with these bulging pieces of clouds. It is very pleasant to look at the sky at the time and to hear the night-birds play their sweet notes in the moonlit sky. The earth seems to be washed with moon-light. The groves and tarbours look beautiful. Their leaves and fawning look glossy with the light of the moon. The ground under the grove looks like a chess-board. It seems to be an art of light and shade. The moon reflects on the ponds and tanks. The blue water in them looks glossy. The lilies bloom in them. They bloom in three colours-white blue and red. The moon lit night has a great influence on the mind of the people of all ages. The little children can hardly think of going to bed without enjoying the night. They sit round their grandmamma to hear the fairy tales or the tales about the wizards. Newly couples come out of the doors and pass some hours outside to enjoy the beauty of the night. Elderly men and women also cannot keep indoors. They gather in the courtyard and pass several hours in gossiping. Poets and lovers of Nature also feel a thrill of joy in their minds. Even birds and beasts come out leaving their resting places to enjoy the beauty of the night. In Bangladesh the beauty of a moonlit night can be enjoyed better in the open field. If Fair land. Moreover, Bangladesh being...
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