Moon Shadow Extended Response

Topics: E-mail, E-mail bomb, Corvidae Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Moon Shadow Extended response
In the novel ‘I’m Being stalked by A Moonshadow’ the characters Mr Parrot and Mr Raven are constantly out to get each other. Throughout the novel it is clear that Mr Parrot is not doing the right thing by standing up to Mr Raven, for several reasons.

Firstly, Dad called Mr Raven a chromedome because Mr Raven had started an argument about Mr Parrot flicking manure on to Mr Raven’s pants and about the neighbours complaining that the rendered smelled offensive and that the toilet door supposedly opened inwards and not outwards. Mr Raven even sought the building inspector but mum quickly stopped him and said they would fix it. (Page 10) ‘Good day to you.’ said Mr Raven, turning away. ‘Chromedome,’ muttered Dad under his breath. Dad muttered chormedome because he was mocking Mr Raven about being bold. So this proves that Mr Parrot is not responsible and is childish towards Mr Raven.

Secondly, Mr Parrot was the one who had sent the e-mail bomb to Mr Raven after Mum was threatening to jump on Dad’s guitar when Mr Raven was inspecting the kitchen. As soon as mum was about to jump Mr Raven caught her in the act and she pretended that she was stomping on a bug. Mr Raven handed then a list of things to fix in the kitchen because he claimed that it wasn’t a healthy food preparation area (pages 11&12).So then the email bomb was sent. The following morning Mum told Dad that someone had sent an e-mail bomb to Mr Raven and accused that he did it. Dad feigned a look of innocence but it didn’t Work on Mum. She knew it was Dad.

Lastly, Dad was the one who had started the feud with Mr Raven when he had visited the Parrots house to do his job as the Environmental Health Officer. Dad tossed hi trowel into the nearest bin of muck. ‘He did it carelessly and a fleck of manure splashed onto Mr Ravens gray creased pants (Page 7). Mr Raven had told Dad to apologise but Dad had refused and told Mr Raven that it was his house and he would do whatever...
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