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Title: The Montessori Education System
General Purpose: To inform about another type of education
Specific Purpose: To inform about the Montessori Education System Thesis: Education can come in many forms, Montessori Education System is just one of these many forms. Transition: What type of education did you have? Education can come in many forms, the Montessori Education System is just one of the many forms. Today, I would like to take a few minuets of your time to tell you a bit more about the Montessori Education System including the founder, Maria Montessori, the first American Montessori school, the Montessori System- the child and classroom, and the materials used in the Montessori Education System.

First, I would like to introduce you to the founder of the Montessori Education System, Maria Montessori. []

A. Maria Montessori, a physician and educator is the founder of the Montessori Education System. She was also Italy's first female physician. Her love for children started when she started working with the mentally disabled children at the local asylum. 1. The Edward Harden Mansion, in Sleepy Hallow, NY, was the first Montessori School in America. Edward Harden opened his home to Maria to start her first school in America, she started a kindergarten. The mansion was later sold to the school district where they still hold their offices to this day. 2. In 1911, Maria discovered that children learn best when they lead. She followed the lead of the child by hiring a teacher for her classroom and would observe the class daily. She noticed children learn better with natural materials, for example open windows with natural lighting.

Transition: Next, lets talk a bit about the system its self. II. The Montessori System is broken down into several subgroups. These subgroups are the child, the classroom, and the materials needed for a successful program. A. The Montessori system is based around the child. The child has full...

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