Montana 1948 Practice Essay Questions

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For those of you who are stuyding Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, i have a few essay questions that might help you.

1.Montana 1948 represents the shattering of David's innocence and presents many contradictions. Discuss.

2.David describes his parent's only error as trying to be "loyal to both family and justice". Why does he perceive this to be a mistake?

another one i got was

3. Montana 1948 is about the loss of innocenece and the painful gain of wisdom. Discuss question 3 is similar to question 1.

now heres a character analysis..

Frank Hayden (brother to Wesley Hayden)

Goodlooking,everything going for him, has respect from everyone. has power in the society even if he doesn't enforces the law. married to a beautiful wife. doenst have children.

admired as a hero. a doctor. a lovable person. a rapiest, has a serios problem i think that frank gets off while having the power to have indian girls bow down to him and do anything he says.

He has a perfect life. however he takes it for granted and does stupid things. which will then lead him to suicide.

Frank is said to be the a good brother. he stuck up for wesley which is his younger brother, when the high dog brothers were after them.

I get the impression that Frank is the favourite one out of the Hayden's. He was the first born and he is everything that every parents ever wanted their son to be. until the accusation was made, which was obviously true.
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