Montana 1948

Topics: Suicide, Truth, Abuse Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Montana 1948
Short answer Questions
1. What motivates Frank Hayden’s final ac is his pure selfness towards the issue. It’s not that Frank feels ashamed or guilt for his actions but in fact he wants to avoid a scandal that would shame the Hayden family because they are the law. Frank couldn’t also face the truth due to his selfishness and animal like actions.

2. Late in the novel, Gail Hayden changes her attitude and no longer wants her husband to continue the course of action that earlier she encouraged him to follow because she realizes all she wants to protect her family and have back a home and her family safe. She feels her house isn’t safe but a prison, where strange men break in to break out Frank and whether she should keep David close by or far away from the house. Gail comes to the conclusion that the issue with Frank isn’t worth the protection of her family.

3. What Wesley Hayden means by his admonishment not to “blame Montana” is it wasn’t the states fault but in fact the individuals within Montana that didn’t take responsibility for their actions.

4. The role Bentrock and its setting plays in the novel is it’s an isolate town away from the rested of the town with Montana. Also due to Bentrock being in the country and away from everywhere else, no authority can to check up on the town which led the Hayden’s to have power within the town and their actions towards the Indians to come across as ‘normal’.

5. The story is David’s. This is because throughout the novel David points out how he lived his life and how his family life was like. The novel also portrays how the events happened within novel came to characterize David’s character from being innocent boy to a well experienced adult. This was shown by the story being viewed from David’s eyes. In the novel David also realize he can’t trust anyone and truth shouldn’t be said.

6. The moral center of the story is Wesley Hayden. His the one who makes the decisions...
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