Monsters In My Head

Topics: Nutrition, Depression, Sadness Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: November 15, 2013
The Monsters in My Head
I was a happy little girl
Playing with my Barbie’s and not having a care in the world Running wild till I fell asleep
Before the monsters caught up to me
Years go by and I’m a teenager now
I just want to look like a Barbie, but how?
I used to be so happy and now I’m so sad
My mom doesn’t understand and neither does my dad
Every day I skip dinner
Hoping I would end up thinner
I want my bones to just stick out
The war within myself makes me want to scream and shout
I stopped searching for monsters under my bed
When I realized the monsters were really in my head

Short Poem: Photograph
Title: The Monsters in my Head
Characteristics: The girl in the photo has a facial expression that shows she’s sad, ashamed, disappointed. She’s grabbing the skin from her stomach and stretching it, symbolizing that she needs to lose it and she’s stating that she’s “fat”. The girl in the picture is feeling sad depressed and not good enough. She feels that she is fat and not thin enough and she has to keep getting thinner and keep losing weight. You can easily tell that the girl is suffering from an eating disorder. Plot: The conflict in this photo is that the girl is suffering from a mental illness (eating disorder). The feelings that would occur based on this conflict are sadness and the feeling of not “being good enough”. If anything, I think the girl will break down and cry next and just before this picture I think the girl checked her weight on the scale and wasn’t happy with the number. Setting/Mood/Atmosphere: The mood of the picture is sadness and depression, the colours of the background/ photo is grey which resembles the girl in the photo is depressed. Theme: The themes that are portrayed in this photo is mental illness and eating disorders.
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