Topics: Crips, Bloods, Gang Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: December 24, 2001
Sanyika Shakur aka Monster Kody Scott

Growing up in a world of gangs, death, and suffering Kody Scott also known as Monster Kody grew up in a life of struggle. From eleven years old Kody knew what he wanted a to be, a gangster. Nothing could stop him from becoming one of the most feared gang member of the late 1970's and early 80's except maybe his own conscience. Kody Scott goes through an evolution, from a child to Monster Kody to finally Sanyika Shakur his Muslim name. Sanyika Shakur is a true survivor, considering everything that has taken place in his life he has managed to make something of himself from nothing.

Kody Scott was born into the gang life weither he liked it or not. Born on 1963 in South Central Los Angeles Kody's life would be affected by the growing number of gangs inevitably. Kody knew he had a choice to be made, be a gang member or be a pedestrian. He viewed pedestrians as spineless nerds who were always victims of someone's ridicule or physical violence, who never responded to an affront of any type. He himself had a taste of pedestrian life in grade school were he was picked on and had his lunch money taken from him. "Early on I saw and felt both sides of the game being played where I lived. It was during my time in elementary school that I chose to never be a victim again, if I could help it"(Shakur 100). Being in a gang gave Kody a feeling of security in a city of violence. "I felt very different, older, more attached than any of my fellow classmates"(Shakur 3). He was initiated into the Eight Tray Gangsters at age eleven. In order to be accepted into the gang Kody had to shoot 6 rounds of a sawed off shotgun into an opposing gang. Later that night when he was trying to sleep his conscience hit him and he couldn't believe what he had done. This is the first and the last time for along time he listened to his conscience. Kody realizes that gang banging isn't just part time it is a lifestyle, you cannot...
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