Monotheistic Judaism

Topics: Judaism, Monotheism, God Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Judaism and True Monotheism

Monotheism is the belief in one and only one supreme, all powerful, incomprehensible God. Judaism is known today as a monotheist religion and is seen by some to have started that way. Although some theorist believe that monotheism was started in Israel by the Jews either under Abraham or Moses, the exact time of when true monotheism was created is still a mystery. After critically observing textual evidence, an argument against Judaism being the first and true monotheist religion can be challenged and reasoning behind its arrival can be diversified.

Many sects of Judaism believe that “Abram” or Abraham was the bringer of monotheism to the Jews. It is said that, “Abraham had no teacher nor did he have anyone to give him knowledge.... His father and his mother and all the people were idolaters and he worshipped among them; but his mind roamed and he sought understanding until he reached the path of truth. . . . And then he knew that there is One God: that He moves the sphere [of the heavens] and He created all and there is no god in existence apart from Him” (Klinghoffer 18). For a time Jews believed Abraham was a chosen one at God’s hands and he spoke to Abraham telling him to spread the word that Jews must worship him and only him. I believe that as far as beginnings go, this is the most fathomable account of monotheism being introduced in the case of Judaism.

Some see Abraham as the beginning of monotheism, others believe it came later on with Exodus and the story of Moses. Although some see Moses as the giver of monotheistic Judaism at the direct hands of God, other scholars, “...point out that before Moses there was evidence of monotheistic belief in the religious reforms of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton in the fourteenth century BCE. In this light, Moses is seen as following the path of this Egyptian revolutionary figure” (Cohn-Sherbok 14). I find this fact to be very debatable, however if you are observing this...

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