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Female 6-7

My Daddy says I’m his little Princess.
A Princess? Really? I love being a Princess! (claps hands with little jumps) Princesses are always pretty, perky, and very, very brave. (Pause, tilt head and place hands on hips) I wonder why no one ever told me this before!

Male 6-7

. . . . . A dollar? Seriously? Can’t you do better than that? (Look up thinking) Let’s see, what would I like? Hmm. It would be fun to have a super power. I could fly through the sky (raise arms as if flying) rescuing kittens and trouncing (jump up and down) the bad guys. Superkid to the rescue!

Female 8-10

I’ve decided to become a star. Our teacher told us to think about what we would like to be when we grow up. Some kids want to be teachers. Boring! (roll your eyes) Some kids want to be doctors. Cutting people open and seeing their guts? Eww! But me! I was born to be a STAR!  (Diva Pose) so Disney watch out here I come!

Male  8 - 10

"Little do my parents know, but I lead a double life. Quiet student by day (look innocent) and superhero Dinoboy by night. (Hands on hips, standing proudly) . . . . . . . Bob . . . . . . gets easily distracted from our missions. I blame it on his tiny, pea-sized brain. (gesture with fingers showing a tiny amount)  He’s like (speaking in a surfer dude voice) “Whatever dude.” Totally clueless. (shake head) . . . . . . . "

Female 10-14

It's time for me to become a star. I mean, I love to act. It's my all-consuming passion. I could be discovered by Disney. I'm cute, I'm perky . . Yes, that's the answer. I'll post a video on Youtube. Why, I'll be famous before you know it. Look at me! Youtube Diva. (strikes a dramatic pose).

Male 10-14

On Tuesday, the “spy” rides the bus. I don't think he's really a spy but if he is, he's the world's worse spy. He is always coming up to me and asking if I have the microdot. Microdot? What's a microdot? I used to tell him no but) then he would go ballistic, ducking (duck...
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