Monologue Script

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I’m FEAR! Are you brave enough to ignore me?

(INTRODUCTION) One of the Bible’s commands is “Do not fear!” or “Fear not!” Do you remember how often do you obey this command? Or must say how often do you disobey this command? When can we ignore this fear to have a better life? (LIGHTS OFF) (PRACTICING A REPORT) Hmm. The probability... of these... samples is... Hayy! Why am I still stammering? And my knees, they are also shaking. What is the reason? I think I can’t do it tomorrow. I better sleep now. (LIGHTS OFF) (IN HER DREAM) Do you know me? Do you know me? (ASKING THE AUDIENCE) I’m always near to you, next to your shadow. I love hiding in the darkness. I really love stealing your confidence and courage to step out to speak in front of an audience. Great isn’t it? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Hmm. Wait! Can I tell you a secret? (LEANING TO THE AUDIENCE AS IF READY TO SHARE SOME DEEP KNOWLEDGE) I feel so powerful every time you welcome me to your heart. But I feel so weak every time you ignore me. I will not exist in your life if you don’t let me. (ASKING THE AUDIENCE) Do you know me already? I guess you still don’t know me. Ha-ha-ha! You cannot win every battle when I’m with you. I’ll make sure you will not succeed. Am I bad? Oh? Yes I am! I’m a monster in your life. I can control and own you if you let me do it. I guess it’s time for me to say my name.. Hey there! I’m FEAR! Are you scared that I can ruin your life in a blink of an eye? You can prevent it. If only you can ignore me. Can you do it? Are you brave enough to do it? I don’t think so. Ha-ha-ha! Go on with your life... I’m just here waiting for you to fall down. Ha-ha-ha! (LAUGH LIKE A WITCH) (LIGHTS OFF) (WOKE UP FROM A BAD DREAM) Oh! What is that dream? It was really scary! But… It’s the answer to my questions. I am stammering and my knees are shaking because I have fear in my heart. I must ignore this fear for me to succeed. I will do my best in my report later. (LIGHTS OFF) In order for us to succeed,...
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