Monologue of a seeverly abused young adult "Sam"
Topics: Mother, Profanity, Father, Apostrophe / Pages: 3 (1132 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2006

All lights off, excluding a light above USR which flickers spontaneously throughout monologue on to a wonky, old, road sign "WRONG WAY GO BACK". A follow spot in on SAM CS the entire time.

SAM: Love - strange word that. Hard to comprehend. Hard to even understand. Well you know I wasn't always this messed up. I use to go to school yeah it wasn't that crash hot, but it was some form of education. It was just mum and I. Dad left after breaking my arm and giving me a black eye. Leaving me with the words "if you ever come near my daughter I will finish the job". Yeah see my Dad wasn't the most honest father. He liked to sleep around a bit. He had a new child but to a different women, when I was 5. I knew of this kid and saw a photo once, but I was never allowed to tell her the truth about her Dad, crush her life. Dad always made it clear I was the bad influence, "that weak kid", the pathetic lil' shit, "A poor excuse for a boy". Soon after dad left Uncle Martin moved in to help mum out. He gladly welcomed himself into more then just our home. (Pause) He welcomed himself into my bedroom. From then on my life was set on a nice downward spiral to nothingness. Uncle Martin saw it fit to share my bed, secretly, until I was 11. I then moved out and into a friend's house, Brock's father's house. Mum was distraught and turned to drinking. (Pause) Haven't really seen her since. Brock swore he saw her at "Bad Girls" a month back but I know he didn't. My Mum would never do that. Brock's place slash a twin garage wasn't too pleasant. It stank of rum and tobacco, and stale bread was the usual menu. Brock was into weed. got me into it too. We got along pretty good but he was always the one with the power, maybe I should probably say his Dad. Boy, can that bloke swing a beer bottle. Yer' ever since we were really tripped out one night and I blurted out what happened with good ol' Uncle Martin. Brock called me a fag and went on saying I probably enjoyed it. From then on he was

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