Monkey Paw

Topics: The Tell-Tale Heart, Wish, The Monkey's Paw Pages: 5 (2120 words) Published: June 19, 2013
A Monkeys Paw Vs The Tell Tale Heart

Dayvon Thorpe

A Monkeys Paw
Seargent Major Morris has come to visit Mr. White and his family after 21-years. He had brought along a Monkey's Paw. He told the family all about its great powers and how it can grant you 3 wishes. Morris had already had its three wishes so he didn't want the paw anymore. Morris so threw the paw upon the fire. Mr. White with a slight cry stooped down and snatched it off. Morris had warned them about the talisman and its consequences and he did not want to get blamed on if anything happened. Mr. White was just too fascinated about it that he wanted to give it a try and that is how he became the new owner of the Monkey's Paw.

The family believed in the paw so they decided to wish for something. Their first wish was for two hundred pounds. It was just an easy wish for them to find out if the paw actually worked. The paw turned in his hand but the money wasn't anywhere to be seen. The family was disappointed but at least no harm had been done they thought. The next day, Herbert went of for work at Maw and Meggins. Mrs. White had noticed a mysterious man outside the house, when he finally decided to enter; Mrs. White greeted the man with his silk hat into the house. He had come from Maw and Meggins to tell them sad news about their son. Herbert had gotten into an accident where he got hurt badly to death. Do to the fact that Herbert was a great worker; the man said they will get a sum of two hundred pounds. After ten days Mrs. White got an idea. She wanted to have another wish granted. Mrs. White really loved her son, so she would want him back no matter what. The old man wasn't to sure about that thought because he knew he would have to deal with new consequences. Mr. White got forced by his wife so he used his second wish for Herbert to come back alive again.

Mr. White was scared because he did not want his wife to see Herbert in this bad stage, after the horrible accident and now that he had been lying there under ground for ten days it must look even worse. Mr. White wasn't even able to recognize his son after the accident other than by his clothing. Time had past and they were still waiting. When Mr. White went downstairs for a candle he heard knocking on the door. He knew it was his son. He walked back up in fear but his wife had noticed and knew that it was Herbert that had come back to her. She ran and tried to open the door but there was the bolt that she couldn't reach. She cried for the old man to open it but then decided to just get a chair since she knew that he wouldn't want that thing to come into the house anyways. The old man was searching wildly on the floor for the talisman and exactly when he heard the cracking of the bolt he breathed his third and last wish.

The knocking ceased suddenly and Mrs. White opened the door. A long loud wail of disappointment and misery gave Mr. White the courage to run down to his wife's side. They found nothing and nobody past to the gate and beyond other than a quiet and deserted road.

The Tell Tale Heart
Edgar Allen Poe's short story The Tell-Tale Heart is written from the point of view of an obviously mentally unstable person who is recounting why and how he killed his house mate, and why he eventually confessed to the murder. The story opens with the narrator admonishing the reader for thinking he is mad; in fact, he believes that he is actually quite ingenious, and the details of the crime will be provided as evidence. Though the narrator states that he loves the victim, an old man that shares his house, he became obsessed with murdering him. This was not motivated by greed or hatred of the old man himself, but by a deep hatred of his diseased, vulture-like eye. Every night for seven nights, the narrator slowly entered the old man's room as he slept and shone a single ray from his lantern onto the damaged eye. It was not...
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