monitoring system

Topics: Software engineering, Computer, Software quality Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Name: Arvin Mike L. AvenidoCourse & Year: BSIT-4
Instructor: Ms. Ivy NalamWTh/5:00-6:00/Comp Lab 1
Subject: Software Engineering


Like most of the things, quality attracts the person it signifies the performance and appearance of the product. It matters a lot of the standards in a business for the outcome of the products. Just like this, Software has also good quality requirements and better ways to ensure its outcome. The following are the measurement methods and acceptance criteria for assessing the characteristics of the software: 1. Software Engineering Culture and Ethics - Ethics can play a significant role in software quality, the culture, and the attitudes of software engineers. 2. Value and Costs of Quality - The notion of “quality” is not as simple as it may seem. The customer will have some maximum cost in mind, in return for which it is expected that the basic purpose of the software will be fulfilled. 3. Models and Quality Characteristics - [Boe78; McC77] ISO/IEC has definedthree related models of software product quality (internal quality, external quality, and quality in use) (ISO9126-01) and a set of related parts (ISO14598-98).

Software Quality Management Processes defines processes, process owners, and requirements for those processes, measurements of the process and its outputs, and feedback channels. It involves: (1) Defining the required product in terms of its quality characteristics. (2) Planning the processes to achieve the required product.

Through this we can assure Software Quality, this means ensuring that the problem is clearly and adequately stated and that the solution’s requirements are properly defined and expressed. And then we can verify and validate for assessing the intermediate products. For purposes of brevity, reviews and audits are treated as a single topic in this Guide. Five types of reviews or audits are presented in the IEEE1028-97 standard: 1. Management...
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