Monitoring system

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Chapter 1

Many companies today use information as a basis to increase productivity, producing quality products, providing quality services, creating customer confidence, and making timely decisions.
As such, information technology has become the prime reason for the success and failure of a company to compete in business. This illustrates the impact of information technology on business operations today. As a result, designing an information system of high quality is important so that organisations can compete successfully in the global market. Information systems experts need to understand the business operation of a company before they can design a comprehensive system. Every business is likely to be different. As an example, business transactions at a supermarket, bank, and hotel require information systems that are different and Unique.

A systems analyst applies a technique called Business Process Modelling to Represent company operations and information requirements. A systems analyst works in an information technology based department. This person is Responsible for planning, analysing and implementing information systems.

1.1 Background of the Study
Funeral homes arrange services in accordance with the wishes of surviving friends and families. The funeral home often takes care of the necessary paperwork, permits, and other details, such as making arrangements with the cemetery, and providing obituaries to the news media.

Nova Funeral Homes, giving you the best service for the last journey of your love ones for over five decades is now in its new image. Nova Funeral is a duly accredited morgue of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation, aside from being an accredited with the Eternal Plans Inc., and the St. Peter Life Plan. If you are in the Almar-Zabarte area, you can use your life plans to avail of Nova's services. The cost of transportation alone of having your love ones stay at the respective places of these life plans is expensive. The funeral home often sets aside one or more large areas for people to gather at a visitation. This area may contain a space to display the body in a casket to visitors who may pay their respects. Funeral and memorial services may also take place at the funeral home.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Nova Funeral has lack of information of computer capabilities and performances although they have a computer but still using typewriter and manually written for Death Certificate and Contracts.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
Create and develop a better System that they always do to make their work faster and reliable. Implement general and appropriate Monitoring System.

1.4 Significance of the Study
This study aims to create a system wherein we can apply the current knowledge we have in the field of computer programming. It is necessary since we have to develop our skills in an actual programming scenario. And as Information Technology students, we hope to learn more and broaden our ideas in creating a system that needs a wider understanding and analysis of instructions’ flow. 1.5 Scope and Limitations

It covers about the use of a simple database for storing and securing information from the company’s clients which indeed is lacking in security and organizing of records. However, since this is only simple database system, there are of course, limitations. These include its incapacity to monitor how many clients were served on a certain day, and its lack of a search function to easily find clients’ information that are stored in the database.

Chapter 2
The activity of converting data into information is called a process. An information system contains FIVE main components ă the hardware, software, data, process and human.

Chapter 3

Data Gathering Procedures
Data gathering or data...
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