Monitoring Employees Behavior

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Employees Behavior

Topic #15 / Critical Thinking
Ethical Dileema-Is Corporate Monitoring of Employee Behavior Outside of Work Going Too Far?

I chose option #1. Organizations should stay out of out personal lives, when we are not at work. There are privacy laws that are in place to protect our privacy. This is a very touchy issue to confront, as-well-as a legal issue. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. There are thinner people and non-smokers that are not healthy and they will also cost health care costs to rise. This is discrimination to single out a certain group of people. If this is the case, then they should include people who have BO, wear tons of cologne and perfume, smoke, gamble, etc. I feel just because people have certain behaviors other than doing drugs, does not mean they are not going to be an asset to the company. People should not judge others behaviors. There are many people who are very talented and can make a comapny grow successfully no matter if they are smoker, non-smoker, underweight over overweight this should not matter. Maybe this is why some businesses are suffering. I feel just hire the best person for the job no matter what. (You shouldn't judge a book by its cover).

I feel that a person maybe having a second job could be a conflict, especially if you are working for a competitor. This could be grounds for discipline or termination if your company happens to find out, they should be able to decide if working for the competition is or will be a conflict of interest and also if this job starts to affect your work ethics with the company. Another activity that should be monitored is illegal activity. This can have a negative impact on the company as-well-as the employee in question and other employees that they may work with. For example, if a bus driver is arrested for a DUI and is convicted
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