Monitor the Development of a Child or Young Person Using Various Methods

Topics: Sociology, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: June 14, 2013
It is possible to monitor the development of a child or young person using the following methods: •Standard measurements. This is used to monitor the physical development of a child to ensure they are growing at the expected rate. This is normally carried out by health officials. •Observations.

1.Informal. These are usually carried out on a daily basis during your normal work with the children. This type of observation may not be recorded as you will normally discuss it with the class teacher. They will include things you notice i.e. child A is struggling to hold his pencil correctly. Although small over time they will enable you to build up a picture of each child’s progress. 2.Formal. You may be requested to carry out a formal observation by a teacher. These tend to be written observation of a child or children while they are carrying out specific task, this enables you to see away how a child’s development is progressing by comparing with previous observations and that of other children.

Information from parents and carers. This can be used to keep a close eye on children if anything has happened at home e.g. bereavement, illness or a family break up. This can all affect development, so they may need extra support to minimise this. •Assessment Framework or assessment triangle, this is a particular way a child is assessed. It is used to decide if the children’s needs are being met and what those needs are. It is generally used by your SENCO. It is useful to decide if a child is meeting expected targets in different areas.

There are various types of intervention that can promote positive outcomes when children are not following expected patterns of development. Some of these may include: •Social workers. They may get involved when a child’s home life is a cause for concern. They can assist parents with their problems whether that is housing or social problems. This in turn will help a child feel more settled and their emotional development...
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