Monique, the Great

Topics: Childbirth, Woman, Social status Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Thinking about everything I have learned from reading “Monique,” I would say it is one of the greatest books I have read. Kris Holloway did an awesome job with how she made you feel about Monique and Mali. I liked everything from when she spoke about child birthing to the culture status for women in Mali. (Question #1) After reading the book, I would say that I know a lot more about childbirth and childrearing practices in Mali then I did before. Starting with chapter 1 I knew this was going to be a great book. When Kris asked Monique, “How long has the woman been in labor” (Page 5) I was in straight disarray. I was in awe because I didn’t know what to expect with the rest of the book. I have found that childbirth in Mali is a lot more complex then in the United States. Seemed that all childbirths are done at home so there are times to take great precautions. One similar thing about childbirth in the United States and in Mali is exactly what Monique said, “If a woman cries with her first child, she will cry with every other child.” (Page 7) I feel that is the truth and since I was a little boy, I have people say that. The biggest difference that I see is that child birthing is done naturally. I would think that the biggest advantage to having a child in Mali is that it is cheaper but the biggest drawback would be that it is not the safest. You could also say that having a child in Mali could be very comforting at times because you can have all of your loved ones in the room while the baby is being delivered. As a man, with no children, I would say I know nothing about childbirth in the United States except that it is very expensive. I would also speculate that it a long process that can take several hours to complete. Unlike Mali, you cannot have everyone in the delivery room with you so you are pressured to make a brave decision to who will accompany you during that time of pan and joy. With cultures being so different and diverse, I would say that the birth...
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