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Marking Scheme


Q.1} Marks 4 - Half mark for each correct answer.
a) all
b) through
c) the
d) of
e) Each
f) which
g) In
h) much

Q-2}. Marks 4 - Half mark for each correct answer.
a) conqueredconquest
b) inof
c) beingare
d) thosethey
e) hostilehostility
f) seemingseems
g) beingbe
h) thea

Q-3}. Reported Speech. -1 mark each- 3 marks
a. That the bank downtown was looking for a cashier.
b. That they had just hired a new one the previous week.
c. That was the one they were looking for.

Q-4} Marking: 4 marks-1 mark for each correct answer.
a) It did not matter when the communications between different parts of the world were slow b) But in our times people feel the need for a common language c) The first solution was the creation of an artificial language unconnected with any existing language d) The second solution was the invention of a natural language based on a synthetic language

Q-5} Marking: 5 marks-1 mark for each correct answer.
a) has been banned/ is banned
b) people were killed in an accident
c) have/ has launched a drive against
d) has already claimed the life of
e) has developed a medical robot


Q-6} (A) Marking: 1 mark for each correct answer -3 MARKS
a) (iii) That was left behind outside the black hole
b) (iii) The snake had its own beauty and grace.
c) (iv) Wanted to take rest.

Q-6} (B) Marking: 1 mark for each correct answer -3 MARKS
a) Calpurnia
b) Calpurnia is afraid that her husband Julius Caesar is in danger. c) Calpurnia had dreams and some unnatural incidents occurred which spelt badly on men. Q-7} Marking: 3 questions must be attempted out of the given. 2 mark for each correct answer -6 MARKS

a) Patol Babu disclosed his pleasure for the film role before his wife in talking about his past. He told her that his first role on the stage had been of a dead soldier. It was appreciated by all. The chairman of the municipality then gave him a silver medal. God willing he would rise to fame again after this role.( Patul Babu, Film Star)

b) The narrator came to know about Sebastian from a newspaper article. He happened to see that a big woman was reading it. It was titled Miracle Recovery and had the name of Sebastian Shultz in it. It was about the accident and consequential coma.( Virtually true)

c) When the poet saw the snake drinking water from the water trough, he was overpowered by the voices of human education and natural instinctive fascination for the snake. On the other hand, the voice of modern education prompts the poet to kill the snake for golden brown snakes are poisonous. On the other hand, his natural instinct fascinated him and he felt honored that the snake had sought his hospitality.( Snake)

d) The crowd doesn’t understand his speech because; (Julius Caesar) He is matter of fact and intellectual. He appeals to the mob’s sense of logic and reason He doesn’t appeal to their emotions
Whatever he says in his speech is disproved by Antony’s passionately presented speech in favor of Julius Caesar

e) The ancient mariner is terribly weighed down under guilt and the sin that he has committed by killing the benevolent albatross. He is restless and desperate to be relieved of this burden by telling his story to the wedding guest. It would amount to confessing his sin. (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner) Q-8] Use of Supernatural in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. (Any five descriptive of the following value points)5 Marks The very description of the ancient mariner and the look in his eyes, his skinny hands lend the supernatural element to the poem right at the beginning. There is more to his "glittering eye" than mere madness, as he is able to compel the Wedding Guest to listen to his...
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