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The Mongols Empire in the 13th century was known best for their great conquests on large territories. Their empire included large territories from the Asian lands and as well as some parts of Europe. Mongols Empire grew rapidly during this period due to the success of conquests. Their key factors that played a major role into their success of conquests was mostly due to their tactics on invasion and raids, their great leadership disciplinaries for political organization and divides, and as well the submissions of surrender by other landholders. Complied along the Mongols Oral Tradition, in the 13th century, they included The Secret History of Mongols that had the information on the traditions and tactics that were used during the Mongol invasions of Chu-yung Kuan. This gives us a sense of how trickery and tactics used during the Mongol period. The Secret History of Mongols was most likely written by the Mongols during the time of raids and attacks on other landholders, because it was written by the Mongols it may have given a tone that was favorable to the Mongols. As Mongols, they sought these tactics to be witty and were proud of these achievements and tactics (doc. 1). The Monks in Novgorod wrote The Chronicles of Novgorod that explained the killing of raids and attacks upon Novgorod near Russia. They sought these Mongols to be monstereous and heartless with their violence due to their random killing of good men and women including priests and nuns. These monks described the Mongols terrifying. As monks, it’s all about peace and serenity and when the raid happened seeing their good friends being priests or nuns killed affected the to speak with hatred and discontent towards the Mongols describing them as killers, monsters and killing for no reason (doc. 2). Additional documents like the specific tactics used such as terror tactics or perhaps a journal written by a Mongol soldier during the fighting and how he thought of himself when tricking poor men into

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