Mongol Rule

Topics: Mongol Empire, Mongolia, Genghis Khan Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The Mongols were regarded as cruel and vicious people, but changes in the above states caused by Mongolian rule is mostly well natured including advances in science and technology. The Mongols totally reformed some of the countries in the Middle East and Asia, with changes that are politically based as well as economically based. The Mongol era had many political influences on China and Russia. The Mongol rule brought about many power changes and reforms in both of the states. In Russia and China, the khans, referred to as “Great Leaders”, ruled both states after initial conquest, causing a shift in the central power of the government. Also, the Mongols destroyed cities and forms of government rule of both states, even though many of the cities had initially surrendered, thus using terror tactics as a form of governing. Because the Mongols wanted to control both states with easy access, in China, the capital was moved to Beijing, thus causing Beijing to be the center of politics and commerce in China as well as Southeast Asia. Whereas in Russia, the Mongols formed an alliance with the Orthodox Church, and fused together government and church, giving more political power to the church. The Mongol era also helped unite China and formed the Yuan and Ming Empire. In addition to changes in political affairs of China and Russia, the Mongols had economical effects on trade and countryside economics in them also. In trade affairs, the effects are different in both states. While China exported large amounts of silk and porcelain,thus becoming a center for trade, Russia’s economy and trade crashed and had to restart in agricultural affairs after Mongolian Rule. Positive Mongolian economic effects on both states include trade routes that enabled exchange, promoting religion and international trade . Finally after thousands of years, the East and West side of the World was connected, and the Silk Road more widely used. Also, with China’s population decreasing during Mongol...
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