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Mongol Essay

By gpay Apr 21, 2014 387 Words
Mongol DBQ Essay

The Mongol Empire quickly spread. The Mongols’ main strategy in getting land was conquering by force, but they also relied on more peaceful methods and their political and social organization. “The Mongols attacked villages until complete destruction using their land based military techniques” (docs 1,2,3,7 and 8).”Sometimes, they gave civilizations a chance to live and avoid destructions” (docs 6 and 9). “The Mongols’ divisions of duties in their society gave them the structure they needed to conquer other people in distant lands” (docs 4 and 5).

The Mongols were known for forcefully invading territories. Genghis Khan’s used trickery to destroy cities and slaughter their soldiers (doc 1). This shows how brutal the Mongol warriors could be. “Genghis Khan wiped out a whole tribe for rebelling and allowed neighboring areas to plunder what was left” (doc 7). This shows how seriously the Mongols were keeping conquered areas in line, and how forceful and violent they were even after the invasions. “Their rage is discussed by the Pope who said they laid whole countries in ruined and killed everybody without discrimination (doc 8).”

One of the Mongols ‘ more peaceful approaches to conquering was to allow cities to surrender to them. According to a Mongol high official, “at every opportunity, Genghis Khan used peaceful methods to make his empire prosper” (doc 6). Genghis Khan was said to build his empire with a peaceful approach. This concept is explained by Great Khan in a letter to the Pope. He wrote that “he took the lands with permission from the heavens.” This is the change regions were given to be taken over without complete destruction. The divisions of duties in society gave the Mongols organization in order to get more territory.

The Mongols also built their empire very rapidly. They were able to do this because they had a strong military.”The military was very well organized” (doc 4 and 5). “The military was led by a strong group of leaders” (doc 1 and6). “The military had a merciless attitude that put fears in their enemies” (2,7,9). Since, the Mongols showed no mercy, it helped establish their strong military.

Overall, the Mongols were fearless and kept conquering lands to expand their empire. They forcefully invaded territories, and built their empire rapidly by using their strong military. Because of their unified army, the Mongols built the largest land empire in world history.

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