Mongol Effects on China and Russia

Topics: Mongol Empire, Mongolia, Genghis Khan, Central Asia, Silk Road / Pages: 2 (349 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2011
The Mongolian rule had a very direct impact on the states of Russia and China. The Mongols impacted them both politically and economically.

In China and Russia, the Mongol era brought a great change in political power. The Khans, or “Great Leaders” ruled both places and destroyed cities and killed government officials. This was not just an example of the Mongols ruthlessness but it was a form of tactics that brought fear into the opposing people so they would never revolt. Also, in China, the Mongols moved the capital of China to Beijing so that would become the center of commerce. In Russia, the Mongols created a form of government by making a relationship between politics and the Orthodox Church, putting political power in the church as the Russian state starts to split. Though they caused Russia to suddenly split, the Mongolian Empire caused China to reunite under a common goal- to overtake the Mongols.

Not only did the Mongol rule have a huge effect on the politics of China and Russia but the economy was affected as well. During the Mongolian rule, the China became a center of trade for the Eastern world. The Mongols controlled and thus protected the people of the Silk Route, allowing easy access to China. The Chinese were trading precious things such as porcelain and silks so people would flood into China trying to get these things. While China was succeeding in their wealth, Russia was struggling to grow economically. They actually basically started over with agriculture because the Mongols wiped them out so bad. Though it was hurt badly, Russia’s trade routes helped them recover their economy over time. Also, the Mongols deprived both of these countries of precious metals and jewels. Overall, the Mongolians left their mark on the economies of both Russia and China.

Though the Mongolian Empire fell long ago, the traditions and influences it had on the states it conquered still show today. Though the Mongolian rule had some positive

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