Money Wether

Topics: Manny Pacquiao, Boxing, Ricky Hatton Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Floyd “Money” Mayweather

In the sport of boxing there is no name bigger than Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather one of the best boxers the world has yet to see. He is a five-division world champion, has won eight world titles in three different weigh classes. He is also a two time The Ring “Fighter of the Year”, and ESPY Awards Best Fighter in 2007,2008,2010, naming him undefeated as a professional boxer. Winning all 43 of his fights, 26 of them being KO’s he has never lost a fight. Rated at Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Light Welterweight, Welterweight and Light Middle Weight. Mayweather is the best undefeated boxer of the world.

Mayweather was born February 24,1977 in Grand Rapids Michigan to a family of boxers. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr. is commonly known. He also has uncles that were professional boxers. You might think his life and his fame was just handed to him because of his father and their last name, but Mayweather like many others, went through trauma in his childhood. Floyd’s mother was an addict and was addicted to heroin. It was uncommon for him to come home from school and find used heroin needles through out his front yard and house. He recently suffered his aunt’s loss from AIDS because of her drug use. He always had love and passion since he was about eight or nine years old. His grandmother was the one who really pushed him into following his dreams. He had a close relationship with his grandmother, his mom was always up and down, and his father never really gave Floyd attention. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr. and his son never really had a father/son relationship. According to Mayweather, he never went to he park, or had an ice cream, or went anywhere with his father other than to the gym. For Floyd that was the most time they spent together, in the boxing ring. Growing up he felt like his father loved his stepsister because she would always obey his father. However Floyd, was different and would get whoopings more often. His...
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