Money Problems

Topics: Weight loss, Obesity, The Prisoner Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 3, 2013
All over the world, the principal initiative most find themselves concerned with has much to do with the control of money. Particularly in America, quandaries often arise as citizens and officials make fundamental efforts to improve society in due course. Numerous articles found in the New York Times have profoundly demonstrated how issues that continue to emerge can promptly be restored with a budget extension. Articles dated only days apart, “Treatment, Not Jail, for the Mentally Ill”, “Many weight-loss Ideas Are Myths, Not Science, Study Finds”, and “Ex-teacher And a Priest Are Convicted in Abuse Case” all go to show how enduring predicaments can elongate without the necessary funds.

A common dilemma most American’s are familiar with is the matter of obesity. Advertisements we see and hear of on a daily basis are often in relation to losing weight, consistently associated with being healthy. However, most of these advertisements are based on myths scientists are working to thoroughly refute with alternative solutions. Disproving these myths will greatly benefit the community by creating actual effective ways for individuals to lose weight; however, in doing so, scientists need to be able to conduct endless research (Document A). These research ventures can be completed solely through finances, which is inaccessible with a limited budget. If the money were available, obesity would no longer define our nation.

In addition, another commonly discussed issue in the media is the inappropriate relationship that often occurs between a minor and instructive figure. R. Seth Williams, a district attorney declared that the results of the Engelhardt and Shero case will serve as a “warning to any church that seeks to shield its priests from accusations of sexually abusing children,” (Document C). With an elevated budget, issues such as the Engelhardt and Shero case can be avoided by enforcing stricter evaluations of teachers/priests that will be responsible of watching...
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