Money: Poverty and Consumer Items

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness, Happiness Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Money: The root of all evil

I think money can be very positive and provides many advantages for people; however, money can also cause many problems.

There are many disadvantages about money. Firstly, money can cause crime. Every country has a lot of unemployed people, poor people and beggars. They might steal or rob, attack or kill somebody in order to get money. In other words, they commit crime. Secondly, people have a loss of humanity because of money. Some people only think how to make money. Sometimes, they don’t have sympathy or care for other people. Thirdly, people become greedy to make a lot of money as much as they can because they can buy everything by paying money. Fourthly, people are obsessed by money. They can do a lot of jobs which make them earn too much money without taking care of their health; therefore, they might sick and waste money to treat themselves. Finally,

On the contrary, there are many advantages about money. Firstly, money makes people feel happy in their lives and feel self-worth when they can buy things. Some people are happy when they can afford consumer items. Moreover, they feel self-worth because they can spend money on something. Secondly, money can improve people’ lives because they can buy necessary things to use in their lives, for example, foods, clothes, medicines and accommodation etc. Thirdly, money reduces poverty which is unpleasant state for everybody. Finally, people can look after their families if they earn enough money. Some people have a lot of members in their families; therefore, they have to spend money to look after and make their families are well-being.

In conclusion, money has many benefits; although, people should be aware of its drawbacks.
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