Money Is a Motivator in an Organization

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Tennis Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: October 6, 2011
We all work because we expect to get something in return. The returns differ from an individual to individual, particularly in the case of workplace. It is these returns that drive us to give our best terms of individual productivity. From your own experience, critically analyze “Money “as a motivator in an organisation.

Money motivates different people to do different things. Depending on a person's deepest desires, money will bring it to the surface. Money motivates us because it is a way for us to bring our dreams to fruition. Money inspires us all to go to the next le People are motivated by different things. Some employees have financial goals, others have professional goals, and others have personal goals. The same incentives cannot work for all. This essay outlines some of the reasons why cash is always a suitable motivator for excellent employees. The primary reason why people have to work is because of money. Employers know this, and many companies reward outstanding employees with bonuses and cash rewards. In this essay, I will show that most people are motivated by money, and cash is a fair and effective way for management to show appreciation to hardworking staff. In the workplace today, we are also finding a similar trend occurring. Money is the reason behind the choice made by countless men and women today to farewell their love ones and colleagues to seek better paid job opportunities overseas. Engineers making the move overseas, nurses are shifting their focus beyond their national borders to seek better wages. Motivated purely by the concept of higher salaries.

The motivating powers of money are also drawing the attentions of professional sport stars. Soccer and rugby players are a good example, where they grasp every opportunity to play for the ‘highest bidder’, which unfortunately sees a lot of great talent leaving the country. Have they forgone the opportunity to pride fully play for their own country just for the sake of more money?...
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