Money is a best way to motivate people

Topics: Employment, Soviet Union, Wage Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Money is the best way to motivate people

Nowadays the employers use different instruments in order to stimulate their laborers to work better and faster. However, one must admit that the most common way to encourage employees to carry out their duties is money. I agree that wages or salary should be considered the most powerful instrument to influence on people’s attitude to job.

To begin with, money is the most convenient and effortless motivator. In fact, no one gratitude or praise is as effective and easy to use as money. For example, to put this powerful instrument into use the employers do not need to possess special psychological knowledge on how to make people work. It is broadly known fact, that the workers in the Soviet Union were not as productive as those in the USA. That is because the praises were the only recognition of the results of their work. Besides, money is the only thing that can motivate people working in the harmful conditions. In these cases the excess amount of money is used to have a rest and recovery.

To illustrate, in comparison to other workers the miners are provided with higher wages. Beyond doubt, for this category of the employees money is the best motivator as well as recovery for the severe working environment.

To draw the conclusion, I can say that money is definitely the finest motivator. Its usage is not connected with involving of large resources. In addition, money is convenient motivator for the people who works in harmful conditions and so need money for recovery.
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