Money is not everything in life

Topics: Thought, Mind, Happiness Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: October 26, 2014
It is ironic that some people can't think about anything except money. Money is an addiction. Once you get it's greed you can never stop thinking about it. If you ever ask a businessman, if money is everything in life, he would have thought you insane. Because the only aim of there life is to make more and more money. They are apt to do anything in need of money; cheat or loot other people. Like all other things money also got two sides: bad and the good side. Rich people think that with money they can buy everything they want. There are persons who are superrich or multibillionary. But, ask them if they are happy. I think the answer would be no. Rich parants think that they can keep their children happy by buying everything they want. They try to substitude money for love and care. Children grown by this way are apt to have the wrong lesson about what is true happiness. Money can lead a person to do crime like murduring or stealing. It can also be the reason of broken relationship between brothers or sisters or family. Money is a simple word but it's ability is endless.

I think money can't destroy anything if it is hardly earned and used in the right way. But i also beleive that there are many things in life that money can't buy. You cann't buy good friend instead of money nor can you buy happiness. So it stands that money is really not everything in life.
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