Money Is More Importante Then Love

Topics: Truth, Interpersonal relationship, Religion Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: April 20, 2012
If you don't ultimately believe this as a self
evident truth, you are far too brainwashed by
malware beliefs other people have programmed
into you.
The Elite who control 99% of the population know
this as a truth. Thats how they have gained so
much power over us.
And in order to keep us in perpetual bondage, the
Elite program and hammer into us:
"Love is more precious than money."
"Money can't buy love."
"Money can't buy happiness"
"Love is the most important thing in life."
Don't let the Elite fool you into believing this tripe.
If you want to overcome and defeat the Elite, you
are going to have to share the belief systems that
made them so powerful over human kind in the
first place.
And one of their beliefs is that MONEY is the most
important thing in life, after good health &
But thats a paradox, because you need money in
order to have good health. In fact, you could go as
far as to believing that HEALTH IS MONEY
because they are both interwoven and ultimately
Don't believe in the bullshit or superstitions that
money can't buy love or can't buy happiness. It is
ultimately false.
People with money are loved more than their
broke counterparts. Nice guys with no money will
never win in life.
There is one danger to this scenario that may
alienate your personal relationships, and that is the
path of the acquisition of money, which may blind
you towards the things you already have and the
true love you already have.
Make a list of your current intangible assets that
matter to you, like love, health, knowledge,
friendship, relationships.
Then make a list of your current tangible assets,
house, car, food etc.
If KNOWLEDGE is power, the most powerful
piece of knowledge you'll ever be able to apply is
one of the Elites beliefs:
It's not going away anytime soon, so let wisdom
make you a better gamester to help you acquire
the power...
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